We’re a company specialized in entertainment contents and formed by three big synergetic business units: Studio + Licensing + Media.

In SMILEHOOD, we conceived a new 360° company model including the creation of global entertainment contents, international distribution of our own and third parties’ contents and the development of licensees in derivate business. This new model covers and deals with all the circuits of an IP.

We work with a staff which is highly qualified in audiovisual production, contents, design, sound, musical production, interactive games and animation and with renowned professionals in the departments of licensing and international sales. We are a solid production company with global vision that, in the pursuit of excellence, achieves a unique style in order to turn ideas into reality.

Our mission
Is to entertain kids, teens and adults around the world through entertaining platforms and give them an innovation plus.
Our vision
Is to become a benchmark of quality, innovation and originality in the Entertainment Industry, covering all the existing formats, transmitting and providing people with products which represent us.
We innovate in every aspect and path of the company; both while projecting and executing projects. Seeking for new and better ways of producing content is a permanent job.
We’re upright and consistent with what we think, do, say and feel. Our work flows with synergy and with permanent contributions of the whole team, accepting differences and coincidences that enrich our work. We understand our clients’ needs because we know how to treat an IP, since we’re IP creators.
We have an objective and clear management that can be verified.
We fulfill our obligations with excellence and make an adequate use of the means and resources at our disposal to reach our objectives and set targets. We optimize the use of resources and the time available. We take responsibility for our actions.
Guillermo Pino
CONTACT | +54 011 5235 9500
CABA | Argentina