SMILEHOOD MEDIA has experienced professionals with broad experience in the TV International Market, who assess and advise the television projects to be generated with a view to their subsequent sale in the audiovisual market while keeping the 360 vision of the company.

Smilehood Media positions and distributes globally, both our own and third-parties’ products that meet the quality standards required by the international screens today, and also distributes productions where Smilehood is an Associate Producer.

• International distribution of audiovisual content

• Representation of our own and third parties’ productions

• International alliances and co-productions

• Production services management

• Sale of fiction formats

• Content acquisition

• Comprehensive advice for producers in the International Business

Great success in morethan 35 countries!

• Over 50 original songs.

Great hit on Disney Junior Latin America and Discovery Familia in US!

A dynamic balance between learning and entertainment.

• 60 x 7´episodes

• 13 x 3´ interstitial segments

• 35 x 1´ music video clips

• Edited version: 24 x 22´ (optional)

Plim Plim

Plim Plim is a set of content addressed to pre-school children that has reinvented the concept of kids’ entertainment. It is a revolutionary and innovative way to transmit positive messages, an original fusion between education and fun.

Plim Plim is a 2-D animation of premium quality, currently on air on Disney Junior network in Latin America and Discovery Familia in US, on different TV platforms including pay and free television networks in Argentina, Uruguay, Panamá, Colombia, Italy, India and more than 35 countries around the world.

Plim Plim gives a seal of prestige to broadcasters, while places special emphasis on teaching positive habits, the respect of the environment, and human values like cooperation, solidarity, kindness, responsibility, sharing and friendship.

The episodes spin around the adventures of Plim Plim, a child who combines the features of a clown, a hero and a magician that accompanies his friends and teaches through setting examples, keeping a dynamic balance between learning and entertainment.

The series has received important awards and nominations as a guarantee of quality and recognition from the press:

2014 Santa Clara de Asís Award given by the Ligue of Family Mothers to the spread of human values, Argentina.

2014 Nomination to Martín Fierro Award to best children program on Free TV, Argentina.

2013 Martín Fierro Award to best children program on Cable TV, Argentina.

2013 Nomination to Martín Fierro Award to best children program on Free TV, Argentina.

2012 Mercurio Award for excellence in Marketing, Argentina.

2012 Nominated to Martín Fierro Award to best children program on Cable TV, Argentina.

2012 Distinction ATVC Award (Cable TV Argentine Asociation), Argentina.

3D entertaining pre-school series for playing and dancing.

• 26 original music themes and songs of the most diverse musical genres.

• Declared of cultural and educational interest by the Peace Museum of Gernika, Spain.

20 different digital Apps.

• First season 26 x 10´ or 13 x 22´

Pispas, a magical journey

Pispas is a funny and friendly van that, transformed into a spacecraft, arrives flying from the stars to play with her friends, three girls and three boys, whom she will take through fantastic worlds to live fascinating adventures accompanied by other curious characters. Each episode is a universe full of fantasy and magic to learn while playing.

In each episode Pispas and her group of friends will find cheerful characters that will join them in their next adventures.

Along the 26 programs of the first season children will discover new games with Pispas and her friends, through magical stories that will make their imagination fly to unseen worlds.

The series has a colorful soundtrack of 26 original songs of the most diverse musical genres: pop, rock, funk, salsa, folk, classical, blues, afro… that will make children jump, dance and sing with Pispas and her lovely friends.

Genre: Comedy

Number of episodes: 13 x 48 min.

Producer: Sudestada Cine

Omar is a devoted event host, owner of a small entertainment company called “Evento en Popa”. When his new bigger competitor comes into the market and begins to take most of his clients, Omar is forced to keep his and his staff´s work by all means.

Genre: Gameshow

Producer: Sinapsis Producciones

Dilema consists of a gaming and entertainment format in which the players win money by showing how much they know the interviewed.

Genre: Children musical series

Number of episodes: 3 seasons with 26 X 24´

With more than 15 years of career and 500 programs in the kids field, winner of the Martin Fierro award (APTRA – Argentina) for “best kids program”, “Panam” has decided to launch her international career. It consists of 3 seasons with 26 episodes of the best extracts of her artistic career.

Genre: Animated series

Number of episodes: 26 x 11´ (First season)

Producer: Cartunaria

Aimed at 7 to 12 year-olds, “X-Heart” is a character-driven sitcom, success in Disney XD Brasil in tone of comedy based on three dreamers striving to become international rock gods. With acid humor, and comic turns of destiny, “X-Heart” he makes fun of the slightly attractive side of trying to be a promising band of the rock. Each story of 11 minutes focuses on the way to the fame of the band, filled with frustrated concerts. But along the way there will be adventures and fun situations, sincere friendship and a lot of rock!

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